A democratic, social and prosperous development of the European Union 25+ will require a basis of highly valued mutual respect between different interest groupings, ethnic, regional and national cultures. In a political sense this may be achieved only if „Europe“ becomes acknowledged by the majority of citizens. Thus a topical aim is to overcome the tipping point from the European Union being a „project of elites“ to beginning to matter for everyday businesses and masses of people – even though they may remain in different spheres of interest, traditions and solidaric networks, and in a variety of ways toward modernisation.The presentation will identify relevant stages in the creation of the European Union and an outlook on the potential of future developments. From a socio-economic point of view the great scenarios will be confronted with a selection of programmes and projects in support of education, research, institution building and social and economic progress in the new Member States and beyond. An issue for debate is whether efforts and resources involved may be sufficient to facilitate breakthroughs of EU integration and „Europeanisation“.