The IAPS Board have invited Professors Enric Pol (Barcelona) and Robert Marans (Michigan) to address new aspects of environmental evaluation in respect of urban sustainability. Both speakers have developed original and comprehensive tools for those interested in assessing people‘s relationship with their neighbourhood. Enric Pol‘s instrument The SID/BCN (Social Impact Detection/Barcelona) is a tool for detecting and explaining social impacts. From a background in socio-environmental psychology, it consists of a checklist that acts as guidelines for elaborating a social inventory and impact detections. Robert Marans‚ DAS 2001 - Detroit Area Study) produces accurate and credible information on the quality of life; that can inform government, corporate, institutional, and community policy makers, enabling them to make more rational decisions about the region's future; measure and document public perceptions about salient aspects of community life in the region at the beginning of the 21st century and identify the extent to which they have changed since the 1960s. Parallel quality of life studies have taken place in several world cities including Brisbane, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and the Brabant region in Holland. Future studies are being considered in Istanbul, Beijing, Warsaw, and Haifa.