" The paper deals with the concept of sustainability when applied to planning and development. It focuses on the perception of the concept of sustainable development; how it is discussed all over the world, and what does it mean when applied to Urban Development. It also gives a background about the eight Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) which were issued by the United Nations in the year 2000. The paper presents an actual Egyptian case study dealing with the upgrading of a deteriorated urban environment in an informal area. The paper shows how it is possible to confront urban deterioration through adopting one or more goals from the eight Millennium Developmental Goals. The case study will be analyzed with focus on the approach used to enhance the urban environment of the area, besides the activities devoted for poverty alleviation and other activities for improving the living conditions of the residents. The analysis of the case study will be related to the perception of two main goals from the eight Millennium Developmental Goals; these two goals are: the first goal "Poverty Alleviation" and the seventh goal "Environmental Sustainability". "