Aims and Objectives: The objective of this research project is to develop a system for environmental classifications of buildings, taking into account the building sector's requirements and expectations as well as international and national research findings. The classification system will deal with both new and existing buildings and will encompass indoor environment, efficient use of energy, efficient resource management and hazardous substances. The aim of this paper is to present, discuss and draw conclusions from the first research phase of the project.Context: The building sector is responsible for about 40% of all of energy and material use in Sweden and hence needs to become more sustainable. Major stakeholders in the Swedish building and property sector, including the Swedish government, municipalities and companies, have for the first time started a coordinated work to achieve a more sustainable building sector. This effort, called the dialogue project, embrace a number of commitments for each participant. One of these is to promote that all new buildings and 30% of the existing ones should be classified with respect to health and environmental impact before 2010. A general and broadly accepted system for classification of environmental performance is expected to have a large impact on management, retrofit and new designs. In accordance with this aim two research & development projects were initiated.Method: The classification system is developed by researchers in collaboration with a group of companies and municipalities who support the work practically and financially. They participate in seminars and interviews and they will test modules of the classification system along the development process. The first phase of the project has included a number of inventories: inventory of current bills, legislation and policy targets relating to environmental impact in the building sector; Interviews with key informants representing authorities and stakeholders ; inventory of national and international tools for environmental assessment of buildingsConclusions: The result will focus on conclusions from the inventories seen from three different points of views - demands from the society, demands from the sector and scientific demands. To which extent they are in harmony or contradictory will be examined. Finally some key features and elements of the anticipated classification system will be extracted and presented.