The paper will try to evaluate the Dubai experience and address the problem of duplication of the image of a modern city .The literature and background of the paper concentrates on the Gulf cities, traditional city versus new city development with the image of Dubai in mind .The researcher has lived in Dubai and visited several gulf cities including Doha. Several researches have been interested in the changes that have taken place in the Gulf Cities and Countries .Some delta with the cultural heritage, and modernization as a process, while others have concentrated more on the negative side of such developments. The paper takes these a study researches as a starting point for its argument. -Amin, Mohamed , Tracing the past meaning , potentials ;Dubai- case, conference on Sustainable development and urban development, faculty of engineering , Cairo university, Cairo, 2004 -Condensate Traveler December 2004 -DPU, UNDP, Sustainable development ,London , 2002 -(www.experienceqatar) - (www.dubaiproject). The paper concentrates on the experience of Dubai and the effect it had on the image of modern cities as seen by Gulf Rulers, Sheiks .Comparisons , rivals and brothers , how can countries and cities that are as close as it can get create different cities? .The argument is are they competing with each other for the same customer. Are they sustainable? What effect do they have on the traditional way of life? How can it be economically sustained? Each city has to have an identity that is different given its roots and background. No solution is universal.