The energy sector has an effective role in Arab countries; thus it is important in reaching economical and social development through, the energy needs related to different economical sectors, The Arab countries steered great efforts to improve sustainability of this sector to it .these efforts examined the most important matters related to energy, there is an achieved improvement, although the Arab energy sector is still facing a number of characteristics non – sustainable. concluded in the following: - This sector is still suffering from exercising some kinds non – sustainable in producing and consuming, especially that which related to the final use.- The energy services with all their kinds don't reach most of the population, especially that the most number of population, from the citizens. The territory is still suffering from the non - arrival of energy services; added to that a similar electric. Number is suffering from weakness non- regularity of these provisions.- The sector has harmful environmental effects on air, soil and water resources.These defiance require drafting urgent procedures to adopt policies of the energy, to sustainable develop. And to take measures which can support in contributing to the sector to achieve a sustainable economical and social develop; this develop can be determined through the following procedures:- Upgrading the technology and the energy systems for the sustainable Development, and encouraging the private and comprehensive sectors to participate to improve this technology in producing their equipments.* Execution of program of sustainable energy confirmed by united nations, which emphasis in refuting and reinforcing the cooperate and the corporation between the different parts about energy for the sake of the sustainable Development.* The benefit from the technology of the energy side for the sustainable development in Arab countries to comply with the chances and competes imposed by the international system.* Facilitating the transit of energy techniques in the energy fields for the sake of sustainable development as well as the proper energy, and establishing programs of building national potencies to push and encourage the application of these technoes.* Exchanging info and experiences in the energy fields for the favor of the sustainable development, among the Arab countries; at the level of the duplicity or through the national organizations. * Emphasis on the participation of the Arab countries to the conferences and international impacts related to the sustainable development, matters and environmental energy to take part in discussing recommendations of them, to conform the economical benefits and abilities; and also the improving and the social demands of the Arab countries.