Problems in Implementation of Conservation Planning in Turkey: In Turkey, although there has been an agreement on the conservation of historic and architectural environment values since 1970's, its requirements are still not accomplished. Several major problems regarding implementation of conservation plans are listed as follows: After the decision of the conservation is taken ,preparation process of its implementation plan takes too long. There is a conflict in use of authority between the institutions responsible from the conservation and the implementation of plans, and legal regulations are insufficient to integrate the conservation implementations with planning process. Financial support of central and local administrations to the conservation implementation projects is insufficient. Usually, local administrations and people living in the conservation region do not support the conservation decisions on the contrary, they had a belief that this decision will end up with a lost. Urban Conservation planning in a small city (Eskisehir): Eskisehir was founded as a Turkish - Anatolian city in the second stage of urbanization process in Anatolia. The first settlement in the area consists of two sections: Odunpazari and Tasbasi area. Odunpazari is situated on the side of hill and contains residential units.Tasbasi area , on the other hand , was a market area of the town including stores and Turkish baths. Although a terrible fire in 1905 destroyed most of the area, some original and small scaled buildings still remain unchanged today. Both Odunpazari and Tasbasi areas are conservation sites; however pressure of intense housing around these areas threatens them more day- by-day. These areas have been experiencing troubles due to conservation plans and municipalities different demands for their implication , and they still lack an effective conservation policy. Time to time, municipality has strong public opposition, especially in Tasbasi, in implementation of the conservation plan and it is forced to step back. Because of political deals, the solutions offered are usually in favor of the people's expectations which demands permit for intense housing in these areas. Survey and observations in these areas: Implementations and some samples will explain.Suggestions of solution: Before preparing city development (construction) plans, investigation of the available housing stock in cities and determination of new housing areas accordingly may be a legal obligation. Further legal precautions can be taken to prevent this “destroy and rebuild” approach and encourage people to conserve the old. In this paper , the problems regarding conservation of these areas will be discussed and possible solutions will be proposed.