Architectural education of the present age, different than learning from the local masters in the history, failed to teach necessities of residential environment. In “The Age of Universities” Global teaching maintain the architects with global structure and material technology, which rarely fits the local needs. Residential needs mainly consist of healthy living, social security, engineered disaster safety. The needs are outcome of local conditions. Natural environment, consisting of climate, geography etc. builds up the human action, that creates architectural and engineered culture. Constituting the residential environment without considering heritage, has bound to fail. Recently after Bam earthquake (2003), countries with wooden-framed or light-steel framed housing knowledge wanted to help disaster area, ignoring all the architectural heritage data. Obviously it is not easy to record all the local necessity of new habitat for international sponsorship. Certainly affords should be given to understand disaster and local necessity, to sustain the residential environment in Bam. The study is on local architecture in Iran, for reasoning the collapse of earthen houses, and proposal of safe earthen structure, developed at Istanbul Technical University. The proposal considers also the material and technology offer by the global sponsors, while keeping in mind that local people are living over 10 000 years in earthen architecture.