The aim of this paper is to analyze the risk as a social construct and to describe its characteristics. The general objective is describing how individuals perceive and interpret the risk according their mental schemes (Renn, 1991). The risk amplification process was addressed from multiple points of view. One of them is that looking for an explanation from resident attitudes, and by mean of the identification of those factors -socioeconomic, environmental awareness, etc- contributing to the explanation of the intensification or attenuation of the perceived risk (Renn, Burns, Kasperton, Kasperton & Slovic, 1992). This work analyses the relation among perception of an urban risk (a local chemical plant), information on risk management, and environmental concern, in a city in Northwest of Spain. The risk was measured from the perception of risk towards a local chemical industry and other local problems. A representative sample of 699 residents in A Coruña was interviewed. The results show different ways of conceptualizing risk and other aspects related to information, environmental concern, and some local risks. Otherwise, other variables related to attribution of responsibility, distance, and gender will be analysed.