A significant shift is taking place in organizations throughout the world. This shift involves increasing the emphasis on the group or teamwork. When a team is functioning well, the team dynamics and sense of belongingness and acceptance can bring out the best of the architect. Teamwork can enhance problem solving and creativity; generate understanding, acceptance, support, and commitment. This paper aims at proposing a new sustainable pedagogy for enhancing the architectural design courses at the schools of architecture through incorporating teamwork into architectural design pedagogy, as a successful mean of interaction with the future global parameters in the architectural profession, such as new open market strategies, new advanced technology revolution, new large-scale-projects with complicated design problems. The paper consists of two major parts. First, the theoretical part, highlighting: the importance of applying teamwork as a tool for obtaining a more successful sustainable design product; tools for making an effective teamwork in the design process; strategies for designing a new teamwork pedagogy for teaching architectural design (designing a syllabus, organizing, and evaluating teamwork). Second, the experimental part, based upon applying teamwork as a new proposed pedagogy for teaching architectural design. The paper examines this new proposed pedagogy on housing projects following green architecture principles. A questionnaire was conducted to test and evaluate the students' response towards this new sustainable pedagogy and determine all its positive and negative aspects. The paper proposes a new sustainable guiding tool for incorporating teamwork into sustainable architectural design process that could successfully confront and solve all negative aspects to achieve the optimum sustainable architectural product in the design studio. The Egyptian faculties could use this new proposed sustainable guiding tool as a means for managing a successful teamwork for sustainable architectural design education.