Architecture is the art and science of adaptation to the area with all its environmental, cultural, and social characters of the inhabitants. Climatic nature of place and culture are the basic elements of architectural style. Since these elements have unique qualities in desert regions, especially in the hot arid ones, the effect of these elements is reflected to the composition of architectural style. The definition of desert architecture could briefly be: the buildings that have been built by the available local resources, and with a design that offers suitable solar control and natural illumination, ventilation, and insulation for the desert climate. Also, it has got an architectural pattern that is described by general simplicity of form, architecture and design for the detailing elements.The distinct architectural pattern of the old town of Gadames is considered as a model for buildings existing in the hot arid areas of the grand desert. It would help to reach other architectural models with better conditions if the modern building technology was well used. Then, developing the positive sides of the surviving traditional style, while keeping its unique architectural property, would be a positive and important job to achieve architectural spaces with modern attributes and within the architectural frame which is able to adapt with desert.The general building pattern for the desert architecture depends basically on creating functional spaces rather than aesthetically. That was during the continuous search to develop the design style and using the potential of the local materials to get the best results in comfort conditions, and whatever else that was required; for instance, reducing the outside fenestrations, wind catchers, the interaction of building to obtain the required shading, and widening walls to guarantee insulation and time lag. To guarantee the use of modern technology in this environment, or to guarantee the modernization of desert architecture for rising to a better state, we first have to modernize and/or support a rule for the design idea. If architectural style was reformed by treating its constructional qualifications in a better way, and treating the other disadvantages in desert buildings, then we would have a survivable architectural style which accepts all new technical issues beside its adequacy to the environmental and cultural conditions. So, this paper is an attempt to conduce the design pattern for sufficient models in desert architecture, and reforming it so that it would be the applicable method for applying all or most of the design or modern technical ideas which support the natural conditioning concept, or the ideas which add an aesthetical or functional point while maintaining the identity of the place. The conclusion of this paper is achieving existing environmental pattern of vernacular design in old Ghadames town and potential fields of improvement.