Development projects involve resettlement. Land acquisition, demolition of housing and relocation are among the harmful socioeconomic effects which result from development projects that involve resettlement. The main discussion in this paper is based on the problem of resettlement as revealed in social assessments of development project, including the concept and classification of resettlement, social and economic impact analysis and the main resettlement problems in different stages during the project cycle. The basic concept of resettlement which includes land acquisition, house demolition, Relocation rehabilitation etc. in China is discussed. Resettlement in different project types and its impacts are analyzed. Based on the nature of a project, it may be divided into three types:urban resettlement, transport and power and energy resettlement, and reservoir resettlement. All land acquisition and demolition relocation and resettlement relocation will inevitably give birth to various advantageous and disadvantageous impacts on society, economy and environment. The impacts may be long-term or short- term; visible or invisible; may be measurable or unmeasurable.An analysis of socio-economic impact from resettlement is provided. Resettlement due to land acquisition could affect a community, unit or a household or one person. Owing to land acquisition and demolition, the community, unit or person affected might lose all or part of visible and invisible assets, including houses, communities, the resources of productive land, forestry, pastures, fishing places, important commercial assets, tenancy, opportunities for profits or public facilities and commercial locations. The key social impacts are analyzed as follows: effects caused by the change of land resources; effects on labor, production and managing skills; change of social relationship network; the possible group or individual conflict in the process of resettlement; change of community activities and property right; poverty reduction; social justice; gender and vulnerable issues; social environment and culture wealth. Finally, the strategy to address possible negative effect of resettlement associated with development projects is discussed.