The extent and types of resettlement, such as the resettlement induced in different sectors by dams, transportation , urban construction and environment protection etc., are discussed.China’s existing policy and legal framework for resettlement are discussed as follows: the legal system and the legislation of China and the development of the policies on land acquisition, demolition, removal and resettlement. The Land Administration Law (LAL) of PRC is the basic law in resettlement induced by land acqurision. The TAL and its series regulations associated in national and local level constitutes the legal system in land acquisition and resettlement. The national Regulation in Urban House Demolition Administration and its local implementation guidelines in each city formulated the legal system in involuntary resettlement in urban areas. The Regulation in Compensation and Resettlement Large and Middle sized Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project and special Regulation in Resettlement induced by Three Gorges Dam Construction are formulated the involuntary resettlement in the water sector. The newest policies in involuntary resettlement is presented.The improvement in compensation norms and its development in last 55 years is presented and analyzed. The institutional system for resettlement is introduced. There are now three levels in China’s R&R organizations. The first level is the administrative level of the Central Government, i.e., the State Council and its ministries and institutions. The second one is the management sector and concerned government agencies of provincial, municipal and county government, including management sector, land management sector, house removal management sector, supervisory committee and judicial institutions. The third one is the institutions for implementing and servicing like project owner (including the institutions that are employed to work for the project owner, such as design institution, monitoring and evaluation institution) and the R&R institution trusted by the owner. In China, the difference of R&R between projects of different sectors lies in different implementing agencies and sector management department.The national agency focus on resettlement just come to the consultation within the central government.The practices of involuntary resettlement are presented. The resettlement plan, which includes the socioeconomic survey, resettlement planning, detailed resettlement plan, the contents of resettlement plan are discussed. The resettlement implementation, participation and consultation, budget and funds management, evaluation are also outlined.

In The Past 55 Years, The Massive Economic Development In China Has Caused More Than 70 Millions Involuntary Resettlars Induced By Development Projects.