Introduction• The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Egypt has been actively promoting the process of Sustainable Development since launched in 1992• The Country programme strategy of the SGP emphasizes as linking the Global benefits to the Local needs and priorities.• In the area of Climate Change SGP was able to provide Solar Heaters for the poor in the Urban and Rural areas to minimize the economic burden on the dwellers and to diminish the CO2 emissions by using an alternative to fossil oil or other conventional energy sources • In this paper we are showing the process of initiating and implementing a sustainable project to establish a model of Sustainable Development in El – Tayeba Village in Minia Governorate.Methodology• The process was developed on a model of partnership between the Communities, NGOs, Private Sector, Government Authorities and SGP• Enhancing a financial mechanism that could deviate the private sector of only dealing with those who can offered to buy the technology to the poor who are not able to acquire it.• Capacity Building for all the activities in the project to ensure a smooth dialogue, affective partnership and a sustainable project.• Investing in the model with a clean objective to replicate the project and to expand the number of beneficiaries.• Adopt a financial mechanism (A Revolving fund) to ensure the sustainability and ownership at the first place.• Deriving the lessons from which we could learn how to develop more projects to help more beneficiaries and to achieve more Global Benefits.