Basic principles of climate change and its potential impact on various sectors of development are outlined. A comparison among various greenhouse gases and needs for control and capacity building in developing countries are presented. Particular attention to potential impacts on coastal zone, water resources and agricultural resources of Egypt are also presented. A vulnerability analysis of potential impact of SLR on the Nile delta region with particular attention on economic centers of the cities of Alexandria, Port Saied, Rosetta, Marina and Matruh on the Egyptian coast of the Mediterranean, are presented based on detailed analysis of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and applications of remote sensing and GIS technologies to reach quantititative assessments of direct physical inundation according to IPCC scenarios of sea level rise, are discussed. Socioeconomic implications including job opportunities, loss of world heritage, loss of tourism,… are also discussed. Indirect impacts of salt water intrusion are still to be estimated. Results indicate necessary immediate activation of the precautionary principle for adaptation. A critical analysis of gaps, policy and work in progress in Egypt are also presented and discussed.