Climate variability often leads to dramatic events. During the last decades, there have been flood, severe droughts crop failure and, severe famine. Most of these events brought considerable loss of life, much suffering and economic losses.Climatic fluctuations in the global atmospheric circulation are perhaps best highlighted by analyzing deviations from normal surface air temperature and normal precipitation. Therefore, Climate change could be regarded as the long-term increase or decrease of atmospheric surface temperature, precipitation, wind and all other elements of Earth’s climate. There is considerable certainty of the following signs of climate change; -The global- mean surface air temperature has increased by 0.3-0.6_C over the last 100 years. - Recent reports of a rise in mean sea level give about 30 cm over the last 100 years. This would roughly be expected from 0.5_C raise in temperature. - An increase of unusual weather events was reported over numerous localities. This could be explained according to the simple concept of the induced by global warming increases in atmospheric entropy. This enforces disorder and vibrations around the normal state. Egypt is one of the highly vulnerable countries to climatic changes. Several mitigation and adaptation policies should be implemented. Among the important challenges that Egypt is facing during due to climatic changes are the shortage in crop production, deficit of water resources and raise of sea level. Strategic plans and much effort should be devoted to overcome the projected disasters and to conserve the process of sustainable developmentAmong the important activities that have been recently achieved regarding climate change in Egypt is the implementation more than nine projects in the fields of Greenhouse Gas Abatement, National Strategy Study on the Clean Development Mechanism and GHG Inventory Strategies and Emission Reduction from Solid Waste Sector in Egypt. In addition, further efforts are devoted to implement projects on Utilization of Solar Thermal Energy in Resorts and New Villages in Reclaimed area sand to start activities of the second national communication 20 letters of no objections to projects under CDM umbrella have been issued by Egypt’s DNA . Their PDD are now in preparation. These identify some of the mitigation activities in Egypt.