Land degradation, desertification and environmental deterioration are threatening sustainable development in Egypt.. The driving forces are population growth, poverty, water and land resource stress .The pressure variables are aridity, sea-water intrusion, demands for water uses, urban encroachment and soil scrapping. The state of land degradation is shoreline erosion, sand encroachment on the fringe areas, salinity, water logging, pollution of soil and water resources, wind and water erosion and flash floods. The land degradation impact is land productivity decline, loss of biodiversity and water quality deterioration.To cope with these challenges and in the context of the World Summit on Sustainable Development , the Millennium Development Goals ,and the Egypt Human Development Report , the Government of Egypt worked out sect oral National Action Plans for land, water and environment.. Agricultural Policy Reform Program 1996-2002 was successfully conducted to increase production, productivity & incomes in the agricultural sector while a Water Policy Reform Program was conducted to control both the supply and the demand side of the water resources. The Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs meet the challenges by an immediate focusing on the reduction of pollution and the conservation of Egypt’s natural resources through effective environmental management. These sect oral National Action Plans complement and integrate with the national plan for economic growth and social development in Egypt up to 2017. It set up appropriate strategic axes of action to promote and ensure the implementation and sustainability. These strategic axes of actions are feasible through following challenges: • Development of Resources, • Strengthen Information Society, • Strengthening Community Involvement,• Enforcement of Laws and Legislation Reform • Implementing Effective Economic Instruments, and • Promotion Bilateral and Multilateral International Cooperation The objective of this report is to present the different strategic axes of action implemented at different sect oral governmental and non- governmental institutions that aim to combat environmental degradation in the support of sustainable land and water management in Egypt.