"Purpose: The purpose of this experimental study is to improve sustainable urban environment in more legible manners, in which the study is based on the characteristics of wayfinding behavior in seven persons learned conceptually by using map, nine persons learned conceptually by using sentences, nine persons learned physically only direction sense to destination, and seven persons learned physically only distance sense to destination, while their walking on setting limits for wayfinding cues environmental information that they learned.Background: We cognize the urban environment by learning a lot of environmental information from various behaviors in daily life. However, because physical construction has been rapidly advanced and environmental information that we need to cognize the urban environment has become more complex, our cognizing to the urban environment becomes difficult more and more. Therefore, the person-environment transaction is examined, and the improvement of gentler urban environment for persons based on legibility is necessary for creating the sustainability. However, only few studies have so far been made at being discussed from the person-environment transaction to urban environment based on legibility.Method: The proving ground is the urban environment with a grid network of streets where the landmark doesn't exist. The experiment was conducted by three persons (a subject, a director, a recorder). The subjects are thirty-two persons who do not have direct and indirect experience for this ground. After individual subjects had finished wayfinding behaviors, the investigations used behavior tracking method and recognition method "scene distinction method", recall method "sketch map method" was done.Results and Conclusions: We find that the persons learned conceptually by using map cognize the urban environment easily most in four attributes. Because the learning of the map has developed "Sign-Organization" most compared with other learning. "Sign-Organization" cannot be perceived as quickly from a bird's-eye viewpoint, is symbolized by reconstructing the environmental knowledge with one's inner mentality. And, it is thought that this "Sign-Organization" is more advanced environmental knowledge that appears at the stage where a whole of urban environment composition is cognizable. Therefore, it is important to lead person's environmental knowledge to "Sign-Organization" earlier by to be able to get an unbroken view, to keep the continuousness of the space, and to present the signatures hierarchically, etc. to improve the urban environment complex now for creating the sustainability based on legibility."