Enterococcus faecium strain was isolated from Egyptian infants and identified by sequencing of 16-RNA-23S-RNA genes region. The isolate was identified as Ent. faecium GEBRI 90. The strain was grown in M17 medium at pH 6.5, 1% different types of sugars were added to the medium to study the influence of and mono disaccharides on the growth and production of exopolysaccharides (EPS). The production of EPS was up to 1.292 g/L after 3 of incubation at 37°C with shaking at 120 rpm. The effect of addition of sodium glycero- phosphate (SGP) to M17 medium on the growth and EPS production was studied, the production of EPS and growth was inhibited without the addition of SGP to the medium, on the other hand, the production of EPS in 10L fermentor was 1.65 g/l with controlled pH at 6.5 after 165 min of fermentation in M17 medium contained 1% sucrose.