As numerous studies have shown, the family home is a place where many aspects of the self are projected. However, there are a lot of theoretical and methodological difficulties still to be solved in this field o This study provides the results of an investigation carried out with families living in areas on the periphery of Paris. Data was collected qualitatively and quantitatively, using a semi-structured interview and a questionnaire. From this research, it is evident that the study of the inter-relation family-home as a system involves several challenges. The first of these challenges is to explain the dynamic interdependence of variables, instead of describing causal relations. The second challenge is to immerse the family-home system in a culture. Finally, the notion of time has to be considered, based on the concepts of the individual and family life cycle. Studying the family-home system also involves the following epistemological and methodological difficulties: 1) Participation of the researcher in the investigation. 2) Representativeness of the subjects and populations studied, and generalization of the results. 3) Inclusion of time and evolution as intrinsic variables to the behavior studied. 4) The difficulty, or impossibility, of using traditional methodologies.