Background and aim of the workshop:As the Bologna process is spreading in the EU-countries, the teaching in Europe will be harmonised in terms of content and techniques. It will mean that more teaching will take place via the internet. It might also mean that there will be more space for teaching environmental psychology, especially through the net. Marketta Kyttä and I have recently created a course on Environmental psychology in Finnish which is being taught as a virtual course with exercises run by the Helsinki University of Technology. The students receive 6 (new) credits. The “lectures” are based on 15 thematic sets of power point slides with small texts, covering different topics of environmental psychology. For example: history of EP; theoretical approaches; methodology of EP; basic process; people and places etc. etc. The aim of the workshop could be: a. to exchange experiences of virtual teaching of environmental psychologyb. to discuss the need and interest of further development of shared EP courses either as an enrichment to ordinary teaching, as a special course or as an EP programme leading to a degreec. to discuss the opportunities for funding virtual EP courses and teachingd. to take further steps to the realisation of our shared project