The object of main enumeration is TOMONOURA (following, TOMO), a port town which represents the scene of SETONAIKAI, and 14km south from the Fukuyama-City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Although it was one of the harbors which were prospered from the 17-19th century, and prospered most in the fishing and the steel industry, since the inheritor of a decline of a steel industry and a fishing was insufficient, more than 10,000 people at the peak hour was halved with about 5000 people. Furthermore, the aging rate has reached to 38% and solitude elderly people form 5.3% of population (3% of national average). However, the nursing home of TOMO is only a group-living and a small care-home be set up as an annex to the group-living, and many dementia elderly people are living, supporting by a community at their own home. The purpose of this investigation is to solve the structure of the community of TOMO, how the community and the people living in TOMO supporting the elderly people with dementia and elderly people need requiring care.