UK Government has funded 83 projects to communicate climate change to the English public aiming to change attitudes. Projects varied in target audience, size and cost. Each designed and ran their own attitudechange interventions. A total of 20 people who took part in one of two interventions (one regional and one local) were interviewed using conceptual content cognitive mapping (3CM) as an orienting framework for discussion. The variables included in Stern’s (2000) framework of environmentally significant behaviour were probed using open-ended questions. 3CM data were analysed qualitatively, categorised, and subjected to further quantitative statistical analysis. Interviewees differed considerably in the extent to which they reported carrying out climate-friendly behaviours, yet the concepts and categories identified through 3CM were markedly similar across participants. The paper will conclude by identifying possible variables that would account for reported differences in behaviour among people with similar cognitive maps of climate change (eg beliefs about outcome efficacy and perceived behavioural control).