The starting point of this research is the awareness of the need for full committment of all the social actors to the implementation in Italy of Decree Law 22/97, transposing the European Union Directives on waste disposal. The research aims at understanding the relationship between quality of the service offered and citizens’ sensibility about the segregated waste collection process. The sample is drawn from citizens living in Sicily, in Southern Italy. According to the official data, in fact, the percentage of citizens engaged in segregated waste collection is lower in Central and Southern Italy than in North (A.T.O. Ambiente CL1, 2007). A questionnaire was purposely created; it uses a 5 point- Likert scale and has two sections: the first one aims at investigating into perceived quality of the offered services, the second one aims at defining individuals’ attitudes towards segregated waste collection (Mannetti, Pierro, Livi, 2004).