Recently, in districts that include public or improved housing complexes, while residents have been becoming older and the number of poverty-stricken households has been increasing, there have been problems in the maintenance of communities and the provision of care to residents. In public housing complexes especially, because they are partly characterized by the supply of temporal “housing” as a safety net without consideration for permanent residence, it is highly likely that outside support will become essential. In this situation, under the existing social systems, an increasing number of districts are carrying out community development activities with the themes of living in peace and collaboration with various entitles. Their activities are extremely varied, and there are many excellent activities. In this report, I will explain the four examples of community work in Osaka in which I have participated. Although I cannot report the trial and error processes in their efforts due to limited space, I hope that this report will become an opportunity of sharing “experience” during exchanges among community people, and that this will help other districts’ further efforts at “community development-originated community work”.