All people must have access to education, work, leisure, etc. Contemplate accessibility as a whole means to supply the user with full access to information, displacement, equipment and participation in all the activities. Hotels, as buildings of collective use have a main role in the development of the tourism in the Island of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and must attend all the legal demands of accessibility. The Decree nº 5296/2004 stipulates December, 2008 as the deadline, for all the buildings of collective use to become accessible. Aiming to verify the current situation of the accessibility in residential hotels of the Island of Santa Catarina, three adapted habitation units (HUs) from different hotels were examined. The selected HUs were compared to the standard HUs and to the norm NBR 9050/2004. For such, besides analysing various documents and norms, various exploratory visits to the units were conducted, in order to collect architectural and photographic data of the detected problems.