The world and humankind are being confronted with several environmental problems. Energy consumption has been widely referred as having a very important impact on some of these problems, and as one of the most important factors negatively affecting sustainable development.Despite the technological improvements, the resolution of such environmental problems will require changes in the human behaviour and consumption patterns.It is though of great importance to identify and study which are and the role of psycho-social variables in such behavioural patterns.The research presented here examines variables associated to energy consumption behaviour and aims to identify the way how values, attitudes and norms contribute for energy saving behaviour.Some research, studying human values and attitudes indicate that these are important variables associated with behaviour that impacts on environment.Despite some evidences, there is still need for the clarification of the relationship between values, attitudes and behaviour. Also, the distinction between the role of environmental and altruistic values and attitudes is still unclear.Other research refers to social norms as having important implications for environmental behaviour.The present research intends to clarify how social norms influence the association between values, attitudes and behaviour. This is done on an organizational context, studying organizations that value environment and sustainability.According to the objectives of the studies, the methodological approach adopted for the research program combines different methods, such as experiments or correlational studies.The first study already conducted intended to explore the distinction between environmental and altruistic values on the role these values may assume in the prediction of environmental and altruistic attitudes and energy consumption behaviour.The results from the study show the importance of the distinction between environmentalism and altruism in the explanation of pro-environmental behaviour.At present stage we are preparing an extended correlational study to examine the relationships between environmental and altruistic values, environmental and altruistic attitudes, moral norm, past behaviour and energy saving behavioural intention.Also, the application to the organizational context is being prepared, namely with the evaluation of social norms effects.