The present project concerns a study on the determinants of an array of environmental attitudes and behaviours, with particular focus on dimensions such as place identity, stress, and emotion. The relationship between pro-environmental attitudes/behaviours and identity issues have been documented by various studies (Bonaiuto et al.,1996; 2002; Carrus, Bonaiuto, & Bonnes, 2005; Stedman, 2002; Uzzell, Pol, & Badenas, 2002). Recent empirical contributions have attempted to explain the formation of proenvironmental behaviours by considering the role of personal environmental stress (Homburg & Stolberg, 2006; Homburg, Stolberg, &Wagner, 2007), whilst other studies have proposed models where emotional aspects and empathy are the key factors involved in the triggering of pro-environmental behaviours (Berenguer, 2007; Sevillano, Aragonés, & Schultz, 2007; Schultz, 2000). Research so far has only investigated bi-variate relationships between identity, stress and empathy dimensions and the proenvironmental behaviours. The present study aims to investigates the specific impact of each factor on the behaviours taking into account the relationship between the three different factors.