Public parks play many roles in the society of today. They represent values of aesthetical, ecological, educational, cultural, social, recreational and health promoting aspects. Urban biodiversity (cultivated and wild) in the terms of a rich and varied environment with opportunities for plants, animals and people to exist and share the space must be respected. This is expressed among other things in The Convention on Biological Diversity, which was ratified by Swedish parliament in 1993. Authorities responsible for Forestry and Agriculture as well as countryside for recreation aim at preserving and sustainably usage of biodiversity. Corresponding issues within the cities are being controlled by The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. Knowledge about and actions on behalf of urban biodiversity have reached out to a smaller extent in municipalities daily work with management of parks. This shows in contacts with some park administrators. The aim of this project is to discover how knowledge about biodiversity in urban parks is communicated in some selected Swedish municipalities’ organizations for park management. Questions investigated in the study: • How is the concept and phenomena of urban biodiversity perceived by professionals working with park management? • What does the organisational structure look like and how does this influence communication at a face to face level within the organisation? • How are biodiversity issues handled in park management today and in planning for future park management? Three case studies and one dialogue seminar are the main methods being used in my PhD. The case studies are three municipalities of varying size, levels of urbanisation and different organization of their administration of park management. Through participant observation and individual interviews I examine the contemporary discourse in park management concerning biodiversity issues. The study is related to theories on communication and on organizational and collaborative learning. Keywords discussed are: cultures of knowledge, processes of learning, communication, biodiversity in urban green space and park management among others. One of the most challenging things about the project is to try to combine different fields of theories that already are broad in themselves. Communication is such a field which I would really like to discuss with other senior researchers with experience in the field.