"ECOCERT, international body in organic agriculture certification has launched an eco-label for the urban green space : Eve. Eve stands for the first woman and symbol of the living earth. French landscape architect Gilles Clément is president of the international Eve Committee. The specifications are : - water use, origin and economy - soil management and care - biodiversity - landscape sustainable management - noise - air - recycling - no use of chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers...) and no polluting materials - environmental education PARIS has decided to change the way parks and gardens are managed in order to favour more biodiversity. The local grass and weeds - so called ""bad grass"" has gained right to stay in the parks and the streets. 100 parks has been controlled by ECOCERT during the summer 2007 of which 59 has received the Eve label. LILLE is the second French city and the third is VILLEURBANNE near LYON. But others will soon enter the label such as BARCELONA in Spain. The Eve committee intends to spread worldwide and especially in Europe a new idea of landscaping and managing green space in the city and suburbs in accordance with sustainability concerns."