Several studies stressed the role of environmental features in affecting people wellbeing. The first level of environmental responses could be considered the affective ones (Ittelson, 1973; Russell e Lanius, 1984). The circumplex model of affect provides a complete description of people's affective evaluations of environments (Russell, 1980). Referring to health-care units, people show an high level of environmental affective responses for units with high level of perceived environmental quality, besides the level of affective responses was found to differ in relation to the type of hospital user (Bonaiuto et al 2001; Fornara et al. 2007). This study focused on the exploration of environmental affective qualities in an Italian hospital unit. A total of 200 hospital workers (with different jobs) filled in a questionnaire measuring Environmental Affective Qualities (Perugini et al., 2003). Results show significant differences in affective environmental responses in relation to specific job. Such findings have both theoretical and practical implications.