The role of building facades in the consumer choice process is not well understood. In two studies, photographs representing two commercial building types (office building and converted heritage house) were shown to participants, who chose between them for legal, dental, financial, and medical services, and also rated them for expected comfort level and quality of service. In Study 1, Canadian university students preferred office buildings for all four services. In Study 2, Canadian community residents (M = 44 years old) preferred converted heritage houses more often for legal services. Participants in both studies reported that they would be more comfortable using office buildings for dental, financial, and medical services. Participants in Study 2 expected that they would be more comfortable visiting converted heritage houses for their legal needs. Participants in both studies also expected better dental, financial, and medical service in office buildings, but those in Study 2 expected higher quality legal service in converted heritage houses. Implications of these preferences and predictions are discussed.