The beneficial effect of nature in humans has been studied and demonstrated in many environments; however, housing areas have been forgotten. From the point of view that the house is the more private physical environment where we can develop our own ways of relating to the environment, I examine one of the modes of the relationship, specifically, with the natural environment: the placement of vegetation in balconies or the window of the home social area. With observation of 3987 balconies, in the city of Caracas, I describe the inclusion, or not, of vegetation to the house through the use or adaptation of design elements in the balconies. Among the results that I am reviewing, first of all I analyzed how many people put plants on their balconies and how much. Additionally it I revised what kind of adjustments or rebuilding people made to put (or not) these plants and eventually we linked these use of vegetation with variables of apartment height and orientation. We highlight where special efforts to put plants in places not designed for that purpose were made.