This symposium examines the generalizability of environmental attitudes across cultures, time, urban versus rural regions, and methodsof psychometric analysis. Collectively, the five presentations consider the stability and change of environmental attitudes in almost 20 different cultures, overa 10-year time span, and the need for considering geocultural context when interpreting the results of environmental attitude studies. Among them, one reports the results of an 18-nation study of citizens’ assessments of the state of their local and national environments,and the global environment, both currently and as they expect it to be in 25 years. Another examines this data set from a hierarchical linear model perspective, to demonstrate the value of HLM for investigating environmental attitudes. A third reports the differences between urban and rural differences in Spanish environmental attitudes. The fourth compares the preservationist and related attitudes of European and North African educators. Finally, the changes in environmental attitudes over a 10-year period in the UK and Sweden are examined, with consideration of the role of context in understanding these changes.