Given EU targets to achieve 20% of renewable energy supply by 2020, it is more than ever important to understand the dynamics of public responses to the siting of renewable energy technologies, particularly large-scale wind turbines sited both onshore and offshore, large scale PV installations and bioenergy plants. All three technologies have proven unpopular in the past, leading to local social conflict, planning delays and even rejection of projects. Given the uncertainty such public response can cause, both to industry and to policy-makers, it is timely to provide a platform for researchers from highly varied contexts to come together to share results and deepen understandings. This symposium brings together researchers from Europe, North and South America, and aims to capture recent conceptual and empirical advances in what is becoming a rapidly developing, yet hitherto under-theorised research area in social acceptance of renewables. As the ‘NIMBY’ (Not In My Back Yard) concept becomes less frequently used to explain public responses, so understanding of issues such as trust, procedural justice and aspects of public consultation become more important.