1. Background and purpose of this study There is no need to pause to think about the Kyoto Protocol but the importance of being concerned about the global environment and trying to work on improving the environment on a daily basis has recently been widely acknowledged. People have been more and more aware of the issue, but environmental activities have not been fully in place and taken root. Authors have conducted research studies about efforts relating to environment-friendly styles of personal living and the actual situation of such efforts. As a result, it was found out that promotion and establishment of such conscious efforts at a personal level is limited because what lead to saving tend to be implemented more positively by individuals and also because there is financial restraints. We investigated in this study the administrative assistance measures currently offered to citizens who intend to work actively on the global environment through their living conditions in order to promote further diffusion, and we extracted issues relating to these measures. 2. Research approach A total of 107 municipalities in Osaka, Kyoto (16 municipalities to the south of the city of Kyoto, hereinafter “Kyoto Prefecture”), Nara, and Hyogo (9 municipalities to the east of the city of Kobe, hereinafter “Hyogo Prefecture”) Prefectures will be studied. The websites of municipal governments from which citizens can most easily obtain information will be examined and the support activities of each municipality will be organized on a data sheet. In order to see what affect the difference of support activities, the relations between the support implementation situation at each municipal government and various statistical indicators will be explored. Next, hearing will be conducted with municipalities based on the information obtained from the websites in order to clarify their public relations activities other than websites as well as supplemental information and their future policies. The website study will be conducted from June to September 2008, and hearing from October to November 2008. 3. Summary of information regarding housing and environment on municipal websites The summary of the findings of this study are; (1) All prefectures provide rich support for the , , , , and categories. (2) At the same time, municipal governments/prefectures showed some contrast in the support measures in some categories. (3) For and , which are close to the point of this study, many municipal governments do not even provide sufficient information. (4) Statistical indicators for and are considered to have close association with the support situation of municipal governments, among which is considered to be most influential. (5) But there are many cases where (4) does not apply. Municipal governments like Ikoma City in Nara, Toyonaka and Ikeda Cities in Osaka, and Amagasaki City and Inagawa Town in Hyogo have established their own funds or other financial assistance regardless of population and actively worked on many supporting measures. In a mountainous area in Nara, measures that are more focused on natural conservation rather than the establishment of earth-friendly living environments are in place due to its geographic conditions.