This presentation will consider of the environment has the property of surrounding. Ittelson, Franck & O’Hanlon (1976) said, “The environment is literally that which surrounds. In this way of thinking, the environment is something that surrounds something else. And what does it surround? It is us, of course, so that there we sit.” Air, sky, ground, person, objects, plants, and city surround us concretely. Lawton & Nahemow (1973) said, “Ittelson (1970) defined a basic distinction between the environment and an environmental object: the defining property of the environment is that it surrounds the perceiver; it folds. No one can be isolated and identified as standing outside of and apart from it. Perceptual objects may be quite large, such as New York City seen from an airplane, but they are not environments unless the perceiver is embedded in them.” Consequently, we can conclude the perceiver is surrounded by the environment and perceives the environment. This presentation will discuss episodes that the elderly has experience when go out their house or institution, and considers the environment has the property of surrounding.