Sustainable energy use is an increasingly important topic including three action strategies that have to be investigated inter- and transdisciplinarily: consistency, efficiency and sufficiency (Kleinhückelkotten, 2002). System knowledge has to be developed of how our energy supply and demand is actually designed, how it is perceived and how it creates energy use patterns. On top of this analysis, transformation knowledge can be designed to support sustainable development in the energy sector (see Klein et al. 2001 for the further explication of system knowledge, transformation knowledge and target knowledge). Energy investigations and action research, carried through at three universities, will be presented. This includes the speciality of transdisciplinarity including researchers and actors in the same organisation. Results will be presented from the ongoing process of investigations with standardised online questionnaires, qualitative interviews and workshops supporting the action research design. The socio-technical energy system of these universities as well as the energy consciousness of different actor groups like students, teachers and service personal will be described, compared and predictions will be made on how they probably further develop in the energy sector. This will be done according to the systemic and transactional model of behaviour change (Kaufmann-Hayoz, 2008; Schweizer-Ries, 2008), including discussion of research methods and scientific quality standards under this special inter- and transdisciplinary conditions. On the right track - Intelligent traffic information and individual sustainable mobility Renate Cervinka, Robert Sposato, Margarete Huber und Kathrin Röderer Applying sustainability science principles on initiating renewable energy solutions in German communities.