Does Wi-Fi, the Internet, the mobile phone, satellite communication, the I-Pod, flat screen television, wireless devices, Skype, Face Book, Twitter, virtual communities, iaptops, kindle, alter a sense of identity within the built environment? What do mobile technologies mean with regard to place attachment? This neglected area of exploration within environment behavior studies will be the focus of this analysis. Contemporary existence is located in the interstices of physical location and virtual development. We argue a degree of media determinacy in which any development in the media landscape forecasts a change or configuration of the person/environment relationship. Digital media promote supplanting communities of space with communities of interest or communities of place. This paper will explore will propose taxonomy of the relationship of people to places in a media rich environment. The taxonomy offers as classification system clarifying the need to examine the impact of media technologies on the people/environment relationship. This reflects not only how people’s use of space and place have changed as a result of the proliferation of laptops and iphones, but also what this means in terms of how they connect or disconnect with their physical surroundings.