We propose a new design education approach to reach a universal design attitude for all people. This new approach contains a set of visions, tools and reflections to stimulate students to design for all. It also aims to discuss some changes in the current educational methods and to challenge the barries to design for all in architectural design studios. To do this the study particularly interested in the relationship between designing for all and styles of designing. The main questions to be answered are: /• What are the characteristics of relationship between designing for all and styles of designing of the architecture students? /• How different styles of designing have influence on designing for all? /• What could be the new role of education to design for all? // With respect to those purposes, the study focuses on the design process and chosen products in Yildiz Technical University, Department of Architecture, 2009-2010 fall term, Architectural Design Studio-3. All chosen products were hand made architectural representation. Data analysis of the study is continuing and the results will be thoroughly presented in the conference.