Wales is the first country in the UK to introduce a charge on single-use carrier bags in order to curb their use. From October 2011 onwards, shoppers will have to pay 5-pence for each single-use carrier bag at point of sale. This presentation will report preliminary results of a field experiment evaluating the attitudinal and behavioural impacts of the bag charge. Around five hundred telephone interviews were conducted in Wales before the introduction (September 2011). The same respondents were re-contacted six months after the introduction of the bag charge (April 2012). A similar survey was conducted in England as a control group. It is expected that the charge will substantially reduce the use of such bags in Wales, and that - due to cognitive dissonance/self-perception processes as well as experiences with the benefits of the policy - the policy will become more acceptable after its implementation. It is further explored whether the policy may lead to behavioural spillover in other waste-related behaviours as a result of the development of more positive waste-related attitudes and norms.