"Why is the evidence base being ignored? Despite there being a compelling body of evidence that demonstrates the world wide asthma pandemic (Howieson 2006) in temperate climates is being driven, in the main, by poor housing design (lower air change rates leading to high internal humidity and house dust mite infestation), as yet little or no action with regard to policy or legislation has been forthcoming. Developers in the UK are currently being encouraged, by revised codes, to build dwellings that will actually compound the problem. This paper will present evidence form 25 years of research into the relationship between housing and health. It will demonstrate that poor house conditions and fuel poverty produce up to 60 000 excess winter deaths (Howieson 2005) in the UK each year and that the drive for energy efficiency has caused the asthma pandemic. Despite there being many examples of how to remediate the existing stock (Howieson 2003)(Wright 2009) and build new 'healthy' dwellings the industry lobby continues to muddy the waters for short term financial gain. This has resulted in a confused and piecemeal approach by governments and policy makers that is failing to address the crucial issues. It will ask the big question, "Are governments actually interested in protecting their citizens or are they simply the elected representatives of commercial vested interest?"