There is has been a great deal of research in the area of health communication and an equally significant body of work exploring the relationship between health and the person-environment. This paper will offer a bridge between these two distinct disciplines of related work. Dissemination of information about health in urban environments, and the phenomenon of communication as a constituent of health will be examined. Further, the authors introduce the concept of the “therapeutic city.”According to the World Health Organization, Health Communication embraces the following:1) Health professional-patient relations,2) Individuals’ exposure to, search for, and use of health information,3) Individuals’ adherence to clinical recommendations and regiments,4) The construction of public health messages and campaigns,5) The dissemination of individual and population health risk information, that is risk communication,6) Images of health in the mass media and the culture at large,7) The education of consumers about how to gain access to the public health and health care systems, and8) The development of telehealth applications.Their emphasis is on the dissemination of information about health. Missing is a focus on the phenomenon of communication as a constituent of health. The irony is extraordinary – the ability to communicate, or the inability to communicate, and the means of expression are irrelevant - placed somewhere in the recesses of insignificance.These dissemination related approaches can be supplemented by exploring how modifications in the built environment can encourage physical activity and enhance socialization and help prevent the elderly, in particular, from being isolated.the therapeutic city recognize the connection of health and the physical and social landscape of cities. The link of design and health is an accepted notion. Yet, the conceptualization of communication as a co-existing determinate of quality of life, is strangely overlooked.The conception of the therapeutic city links both the physical and social landscape with media.