Together with the growing attention in well-being and health, the scope of hospital is expanding to a place for health care from the place to treat patients. Knowing that the interior environment of a hospital has a significant impact on treatment of patients, the sign system of general hospital is not only effective in delivery of information and wayfinding but also is an important visual element that determines the interior environment of hospital. This study discusses the color design of Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital which is a large general hospital with 1004 sickbeds opened in March 2010.Haeundae is a famous tourist attraction with the largest bathing resort in Korea. The agenda of Haeundae Paik hospital, with their keywords, environmental conservation and provision of advanced medical care, is in building the medical tour hub that can accommodate not only domestic patients but also foreign patients from over 40 countries. Therefore, the sign system in the hospital should be able to convey a such hospital image, and as well it should have a sustainability and be responsible with changes of information. The color use in interior space of the hospital focuses on minimum irritation to patients who need mental stability, and point colors that can maximize color effects were chosen.As for reference, this study compared the color design of sign system in the Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital with the colors of sign system in other hospitals analyzed in former studies(Paik 2004, Kwon 2007 and Hong 2010). The study on the effectiveness of sign system in general hospital in 2009 conducted an on-the-spot survey on the informational, directional and orientational signs in 8 general hospitals that were newly built or had a newly designed sign system after 2008 in Busan and Seoul. In the former studies (Paik 2004 and Kwon 2007), there observed was frequent use of bluish green color. Unlikely, increased use of gray and warm color tone in recent trend is noticeable. This changing trend in color use well explains the intention to construct comfortable and patient-oriented environment by giving warm and comfortable feeling.The interior finish material used in Haeundae Paik Hospital are mainly of delicate colors such as beige color marble, white painted glass and maple color. To be in harmony with noble feeling from marble and glass, this study suggest the color of main sign system as follows: plate color(M:20, Y:20, K:80) for the color of sign, white for letters, and bright yellow orange(M:30, Y:100) for arrow and point color (referring to the Standard Color Sample in the Color Standard Guide for Public Design). Also the study worked out a color plan for proper use of point color in right place.The color design of sign system in Inje University Haeundae Paik Hospital is not only practical but reflecting recent trend.