The policy of the national budget of Japanese government had had a tendency to overinvest in social infrastructure to distribute social wealth widely; however, after a change of government 2009, these investments are hold down and new policy that softens social unrest by increasing social security allowance is being executed.On the other hand, for urban planning authorities it should be a pressing matter to improve the quality of living environment. But under the harsh financial conditions, there would be very few chance of success for drastic reforming of city itself. So we need efficient reorganization of cities by superb public buildings to create a competitive environment against rising nations of economics in East Asia.According to other source, in Europe the amount of investment in public works is lower than that in Japan; however, they seem to adopt a smart procurement system for public building, which realizes attractive environment with saving total investment.There are various characters in each country. In UK, they have the well-organized supporting system of public procurement. @In Germany, they focus on the sustainability.On this study, I researched the public procurement in France which have a well-organized system of law in Latin countries and keep the quality of public building by design competition and strict brief. And I would like to uncover a ideal method to achieve excellent public buildings for competitive environment.In France, some architecture-related organizations and committees work on the project to advance it smoothly. MIQCP, government committee, works as a consultant for the architect and support the local government to review. The programist supports the local government to prepare the brief.I researched some document and interviewed these organizations and a local government to understand the system of public procurement and the social position of the professional. The target of the interview; 1)MIQCP, 2)SYPAA, 3)the local government in Argenteuil. And I selected a couple of cases from recent works which won the architectural awards. Through the cases, I researched some brief about the competition and interviewed the architects to uncover the process and condition of the project, as followings;a) Music Conservatory of clichy: Before the review, technical committee which was organize by some architects worked on the project as a adviser.b) Lycee Robert Schuman a Charenton: The local government prepared the strict brief which included some technical solutions.c) The Jussieu Building, universite Pierre et marie curie: The university official prepared the program with the programist. And after the competition, they consulted with the architect to modify the brief.Through the research, it was revealed that the quality of the brief influenced the success of the project and also the quality of the building was kept by the split of work, clarification of responsibility and supporting system.