As exhibition convention centers are built on a large scale and visitors are continually increasing. And visitors often face difficulty in wayfinding. This study conducts field study and evaluation on the directional & orientational signs of exhibition convention centers from the aspect of universal design.Regarding the selection of study subjects, this study selects two Koreas exhibition convention centers, COEX in Seoul and KINTEX in Gyeonggi-do whose exhibitions are over 30 per year from 2008 till 2010 and whose area of use for exhibition is over 10,000m©÷. And also in the outside of Korea, it selects the U.S.A. biggest exhibition convention center, McComick Place, Chicago, and the Japans biggest convention center, Big Sight, Tokyo.According to the result of evaluating the current status of the sign systems in field study, in terms of colors, COEX and Big Sight conducts color arrangement avoiding complementary contrast or subtle color difference for the people with color blindness or low vision; however, KINTEX uses cold colors rather than warm colors in color arrangement, which can be hardly recognized by the elderly with low visibility to the series of blue colors. McComick Place(A type) uses bright gray letters on the brown background, which is evaluated as color arrangement with rather low visibility. And McComick Place(B type) uses similar colors like the orange and dark reddish brown, which is thought to cause difficulty in recognition to the elderly. In terms of brightness of color, all of the four places provide easily recognizable composition with the brightness difference between the background and letter colors of over 4 levels.In the use of arrows and pictograms, KINTEX uses standard pictograms, but there is no great problem found. However, COEX uses thin arrows that they can hardly be recognized by those with low vision while McComick Place uses the ISOs international standard forms of arrows which are highly recognizable. Big Sight arranges the JISs industrial standard pictograms and arrows with high color contrast that they are recognized effectively.About multi language use, COEX and KINTEX use only two languages which are quite insufficient for exhibition convention center. But Big Sight uses four languages which is the most recommendable. In the selection of fonts, most of them use the sans serif style that there is no such difficulty in recognition; however, McComick Place uses the serif style which has rather low recognition. According to the result of synthetic analysis, Big Sight is the case that applies the universal design most recommendable. It uses great brightness difference in color arrangement so as to enhance recognition and uses achromatic color s effectively. Also, it is evaluated excellently that it actively uses standard pictograms and uses four multi languages for international visitors.