"Authors have suggested that Connectedness with nature participates in the positive relationship between contact with nature and psychological wellbeing (Mayer et al., 2009). However, there are two dimensions of wellbeing, "hedonic" (eg Diener & Seligman, 2004) which is a subjective dimension related to satisfaction and positive or negative mental states, and another call "eudaimonic", characterized by a sense of optimism, confidence and satisfaction, to provide meaning and significance of life (eg Waterman, Schwartz & Conti, 2008). The main objective of this study is to observe the relation between Connectedness and both types of wellbeing, and with the experience of contact with natural environments.This is the first phase of a larger study. Attended by 207 students, 76% women and 20% male, mean age of 22.08 years old (SD = 5.23). 13.5% said often practice activities in nature during their leisure time, 45.4% do it occasionally and 41.1% never. Was used a questionnaire composed by: the CNS (_ = .801; Olivos, Amérigo & Aragonés, 2011), the EID (_ = .912; Olivos & Aragonés, 2011), and MHC- SF (Keyes, 2009) consists of a hedonic (_ = .780) and eudaimonic (_ = .816) subscales.The EID scale is articulated around four dimensions, including an "identity" component strongest correlated with CNS (r = .758, p <.01 following="" the="" hypothesis="" of="" relationship="" between="" connectedness="" and="" wellbeing="" et="" al.="" both="" component="" eid="" cns="" correlated="" positively="" only="" with="" eudaimonic="" .204="" p="" r=".229," respectively="" other="" three="" dimensions="" environmentalism="" enjoying="" appreciation="" nature="" did="" not="" correlate="" two="" types="" wellbeing.="" also="" observed="" significant="" differences="" in="" levels="" by="" self-="" reported="" frequency="" activities="" showing="" that="" higher="" contact="" greater="" connectedness.these="" results="" confirm="" environmental="" identity="" is="" a="" complex="" construct="" includes="" to="" as="" well="" mentioned="" before="" aragon="" correlates="" has="" been="" proposed="" literature="" although="" this="" study="" specified="" type="" wellbeing.some="" issues="" remain="" outstanding="" which="" must="" be="" addressed="" second="" phase.="" particular="" it="" consider="" what="" extent="" direct="" natural="" environments="" have="" an="" effect="" increasing="" but="" on="" hedonic="" also.="">