and to whom participants attribute responsibility for the solution of environment problems. A total of nine hundred and sixty people in eight countries: México, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Brasil, Chile and Argentina were investigated -120 in each one- at the local, national, and global special levels. The study follows Gifford et al. study (2008) which explored people’s perceptions on environmental problems in 18 nations.The current study focuses in Latin-Americans nations including to the Environmental Future Scale of Gifford et al. some environmental items relevant for the region, and also the Responsibility Attribution Scale to the solution of the environmental problems of Barros, Pinheiro and Gunther (2010). Due to the complexity of the instrument and in order to avoid boredom, the questionnaire was assisted by researchers to facilitate the understanding of the questions and the correct way to answer the scales of the state of the environment and responsibility attribution at different levels in the present and the future. Considering that the study is in course we expect to have the final results by the time of the next IAPS conference in Glasgow.