"n order for prospective teachers to be effective professionals and for teacher educators to fulfill them with the notion of teaching profession, buildings where education takes place would create impact in relation to developing professional and/or occupational features of a teacher candidate. The main purposes of this study were to identify the essential characteristics of physical environment to access quality teacher education and to identify the importance and role of these physical characteristics for effective and efficient teacher education. The education building should be peculiar to the field of education. However, there is lack of knowledge concerning which physical characteristic the education faculty building should possess. Therefore, the main significance of this study was to provide the insight to professionals about which physical characteristics of faculty building are important. As a research methodology, a Delphi study, consisting of an open ended survey followed by 2 questionnaires, will be utilized in order to reach the purposes. Delphi is a method which enables structuring a group communication process so that the process is effective in allowing a group of individuals, as a whole, to deal with a complex problem. To accomplish this "structured communication”: some feedback of individual contributions of information and knowledge; some assessment of the group judgment or' view; some opportunity for individuals to revise views; and some degree of anonymity for the individual responses need to be provided (Linstone & Turoff, 2002). For first phase of Delphi Study, researcher asked the participants that “which physical characteristics the education building should have for effective and efficient teacher education and why these characteristic are important. 34 teacher candidates participated and send back the questionnaire via their personal e-mail until 26th of October, 2011.So, the researcher has still analyzed the date using content analysis. After data analysis is finished, the scale developed based on round 1 will be applied two times to same participants to elicit consensus and divergence on categories. Then research will reach the most important physical characteristics of education building for teacher education. After first cluster of data obtained from round 1, results are as follows. Teacher candidates mentioned about technology, ambient environment of the building and classrooms, cleanliness of environment, size of the classrooms, furniture and materials, spaces for social and academic activity. As a conclusion, teaching profession is not just about transmitting knowledge. The responsibilities of teachers are uncountable. They are seen as artist, researcher, guide, facilitator, observer, clinician, diagnostician, and tactician. Therefore physical environment and physical setting of the faculty building meet the needs of teacher candidate. "