Have you heard about our Healthy Sustainable Neighbourhoods Model? and the “Equally Well” test sites? which are part of the Scottish Government’s tackling Health Inequalities Initiative. Our projects are about the community being the experts about their neighbourhood and know the issues that exist where they live. Our Approach is based on a series of discussions and stories. Getting young people to explore their feelings and the attitudes and perceptions of them by others. Our work focuses on alcohol, gang culture and violence and seeks to involve them in designing spatial changes. Exploring interactive engagement methods and 'Everyone is a Positive Asset'.developing a community version of our Healthy Sustainable Neighbourhoods(HSN) Model establishing key spatial planning themes relevant to local people. One the key element of our project HSme (healthy sustainable me). Being part of “Equally Well” allows us to work this way as the Scottish Government have asked us to try new things in a different way, using a flexible approach.